Frequencies and overclocking ?.

Hello ,

I was asking myself several questions and I would have liked to have your lights.

I currently have a ryzen 5 1600, with its original cooler, coupled with a b450m ds3h, 16gb ram 3000 Mhz, sapphire rx 580 nitro +.

1) I would like to know how to check that the original boost up to 3.6 GHz is activated?

2) Knowing that I mainly play at 1080p 60/75 GPS at Apex and COD MW, is overclocking my processor useful today?

3) If so, could someone tell me the procedure (in a few words) or direct me to a clear and not too complicated tutorial? In the style "Overclocking for Dummies"
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4) In the case of overclocking, can I stay with the original cooler or should I invest in a more efficient cooler? If so, what references do you recommend?

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Hello and welcome,

1) You can use HWinfo to monitor instantly all your cores frequency to see how it boosts.

2) Overclocking your CPU and Memory will gives extra FPS and less Stuttering depending the situation in game.

3) CPU overclocking depend of you hardware, but the basics are always the same; frequency, voltage, temperature.

You have to set your core frequency, you core voltage, and that's it. (Memory Overclocking is also on good solution to gain performance on this CPU)

4) The stock cooler will affect your overclocking capacities, but still you can manage to get a better result with it.

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