i9-9900k oc 5.0Ghz BSOD pendant le jeu


I placed the 5.0 GHz cpu at 1.29v AVX offset 1, the min / max cpu cache ratio 45. Using masterliquid ml360r for cooling.

The idle processor temperature goes from 38 to 40 seconds (ambient temperature from 26 to 30) and from 75 maximum while playing games like Destiny 2, Cod, Apex.

Now the problem is with Battlefield V. The temperature goes up to 85 max and 90 while loading the map and it crashes in BSOD. I understand that BFV has a very high CPU usage, but I don't know which part of the oc is causing the instability.

The voltage of 1.29 is the most stable I have tested. Higher than that, it increases the temperature and lowers it. BSOD occurs in other games.

Any advice?
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Hi, if your cooling is well tuned (100% speed pump), I should try to reduce the CPU frequency juste a little bit to see if it's stable. Otherwise you can try to reduce the Vcore to see if a lower temperature can increase the stability (that can happen).


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Hello, for batlefield V it's totally normal, this game use the cpu like a cinebench R20 bench mark, mémory is also very used.

your cpu is a bit hot, make sure your AIO is OK( thermal past, inlet air flow temp ect...).
did you OCing your cpu manualy ?

To play battlefield V in the best conditions I recommand to be Cinebench R20 stable, Memtest hci stable and gpu time spy stable.

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