Need a second point of view on a processor issue

The previous hardly any weeks I have been investigating on my PC for some issues I have been having of late. I have practically precluded that it is a product issue and limited it down to the processor. I've such a significant number of numerous tests to test essentially every segment like the RAM and GPU that there are practically none left to attempt.

I reached Intel uphold (I have an i7 7700) and the person remoted in and ran a test through an Intel programming and revealed to me it was a temperature issue. I vacuumed up all the residue rabbits in my framework and reapplied new warm glue. This helped the temperature a great deal really, it went from 70 ° C out of gear to going around 40-50 ° C out of gear and 70 ° C at 100% burden. However, it's despite everything smashing.

He said to watch that it is an issue with my cooler. In any case, in any event, running a low interest program that lone spots the CPU at around 40-half burden and about 60 ° C will at present accident the gbwhatsapp PC, and at times it will even crash out of gear.

Might it be able to cool? I need a second feeling before I go out and purchase another cooler. Much appreciated
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If your CPU temperature do not exceed 70°c, the température would not be the issue. It should be something else.

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