PC réinitialise le bios au hasard?

Hello, I'm not sure where this problem is coming from.

My PC has a Ryzen 3600, ASRock B450 Steel Legend, 16 GB 3600 mhz Corsair Vengeance Pro ram (the RGB if that matters), and an MSI GTX 1070 Gaming X. The ram uses an XMP profile at 3600 mhz, and my OC processor is set to auto at 1.1 volts.

The PC won't do it every time I turn it on, but when it does, it will seem to boot normally, then shutdown, reset the BIOS, and boot normally. I guess it's not liking my overclocking settings, but I'm not 100%. Any help would be appreciated. My apologies if the formatting is messed up by typing it on the mobile app. routerlogin 192.168.l.l
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Hello, it can happens when you memory profile is not stable, I mean that the motherboard to not post properly after a cold boot. Try to see if the problem disappear if you are setting the memory at stock frequency (without the XMP profile).

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