PC Upgrade Recommendations

Hello there,

Current arrangement :

GA-Z77-D3H Mobo

i5 3450 Processor

2 x 4 GB RAM

1 x 500 GB SSD

1 x 2TB HDD

2 x R9 290 GPUs (Crossfire however most current games run best in single GPU mode.)

HX 1000 PSU

I generally use this PC for gaming and music creation. It's the sort of thing that I have had for quite a long time and update piece by piece varying. Things that I am hoping to improve by and large execution and burden times. Most of my games and Mylongjohnsilversexperience tests live on the HDD which I believe is the principal bottleneck.


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Hello, did you use this pc only for gaming or gaming + streaming ?

budget ?
what kind of games do you like to play or will be play in this PC ?

AMD or intel cpu preference ?
AMD or Nvidia gpu preference ?

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